Maia's fursona, which is a black fox, with purple details, white tipped ears, as well as a purple-white tipped tai, wearing thigh highs and a bra, being pulled from a leash.



hi! i'm maia, a 21 year old compsci student living in Spain

most of my projects are currently closed source because i am code shy, but i'll eventually open stuff up!~

i know TS, JS, Lua, Python, PHP, Rust (a little bit), C++ (a little bit)

i am trans! and proud, as well as pansexual, so i really like pans, i guess


discord: sveny

telegram: @svenytf

mastodon: @[email protected]

twitter: SvenyTheFox

steam: cq7


buttons! made with my own two paws Made with MacOS